Comfortable: Create Your "Items selection" provides the opportunity to create a selection of items. It is a predefined set of items grouped by manual selection and under a common name. An example of such a selection is a "set of spare parts", which are from different groups but go together and are usually part of a common order. By creating a selection of items, operators can process similar or complementary groups of items with general purpose.

Another use of the "Items Selection" is the ability to create short menus of items that are used very often, for example a selection of the most interesting items, a selection of new items, a selection of promotional items and other similar sets.

The selection of items allows a simultaneous selection of items and services from different groups that are grouped by an operator and placed on a common list.

You can see how your ready-to-use business location might look. Explore the benefits of the demo system by logging in with the following login test data:


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